Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice in Bangkok

28 Jul

I traveled Bangkok frequent for sourcing stock. And I’m going to share with you my must-have food in Bangkok: Hainanese Chicken Rice. You may think it’s not as good as those in Singapore or Malasysia. But for me, it’s heavenly tasty good!




There’s one well-known chicken rice located at Pratunam. It becomes tourist’s must-have food list when visiting Bangkok. They name it “Pink Shirt Chicken Rice” just because the staffs are wearing striking pink shirts. I googled, the actual name is “Kaiton Khao Mun Kai”.  Khao Mun Kai is chicken rice in Thai. Usually the place is full during lunch and dinner. Therefore I swing to the “Green Shirt Chicken Rice” (Kuang Heng) which is equally good taste to me too.


Kuang Heng Chicken Rice is the “Green Shirt Chicken Rice” which located adjacent to Kaiton, on the same road but different block. The portion is pitifully ‘small’ to me, even though I ask for ‘extra’ which costs 50 Baht. But never seems enough to fill up my stomach. Usually I would order ‘Coca Cola’ in bottle, something that can fill up the gap after chicken rice.

Thailand as one of the rice production countries, the rice is fragrant and tastes good. The chicken tastes tenderly soft but the most important ingredient is the spicy sauce. Slurp!



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