919 Cafe

27 Jun

Location: Taman Seng Goon, Jalan Taman Hui Sing

919 Cafe

I used to be their regular customer. But their business got better and better, I could hardly find a parking lot therefore gradually reduced my frequency of patronizing. Good business means that they are getting popular! Honestly their food is nice and price is reasonable too. I revisited the cafe, the owner still recognised me (In fact, I stopped visiting the place for 1-2 years).

Fried Rice Vermicelli (RM4.00)

919 Cafe

Kedondong Juice (RM2.00) – A must-try

919 Cafe

Side order: Bitter gourd (RM1.20)

919 Cafe

* Their asam fish is nice too. Overall their food is nice. They use red rice which makes them different from others.


Pork Burger Stall at Coffee Talk

22 Jun

Location: Jalan Song, the corner lot at the junction to Stutong

Pork burger is prevailing in Kuching now. In the past, we only can buy beef or chicken burger from Malay burger stalls. These days I noticed there are a few places selling pork burger too by Chinese. My friend and I wanted to try out the pizza at Coffee Talk Cafe last night. However, it was closed. So we decided to have burger instead.


The menu is creative, they even have blackout burger which uses charcoal bun. Each has clearly stated the ingredients.


We ordered Ultimate RM7.50. Though expensive, but it is delicious. They made the patties themselves.


Noodle Descendents 麵家汤

18 Jun

Location: Ground Floor Lot 18, Padungan Road, 93100 Kuching, Malaysia
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7.30am – 3.30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoodleDescendents

Noodle Descendents

There is one famous dish called “Zheng” or “Cheng” in Kuching, which is pork innards soup that comes with noodle separately. Every Kuchingite knows this “Zheng” place at Bishopgate and their 3-wait principles: wait for car park (as it’s not easy to find car park at that area), wait for seat (the capacity of the shop is limited, you will have to avoid going there during breakfast and lunch break. You won’t feel good as someone is standing behind you waiting for you to finish your meal), wait for them to take order and food to be served (yes, you can’t go to them direct. They will not entertain you. Wait patiently for them to come to you first). But quite sometime ago they has moved to Padungan Road (August 2012), with their new name: Noodle Descendents. The crowd still remain the same. You will notice how they have been loved by Kuchingites all these 56 years (they founded in 1957), that reminds me of the Digi advertisement song last time: “I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go..” lol

Noodle Descendents

Noodle Descendents

Noodle Descendents

Noodle Descendents

Noodle Descendents

Check out their Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/NoodleDescendents. Tips: Avoid peak hours and don’t go with empty stomach as you might have to wait 1 hour for the food to be served during peak hours. It really puts your patience to the test.

Ipoh Tuck Kee 怡保德记

17 Jun

Location: No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-253 7513
Opens from 5pm onwards until late night, closed on alternate Tuesday.

After Ipoh’s chicken rice post, I have to post my best Ipoh food experience at Tuck Kee 德记. Before visiting Ipoh, I had done some Ipoh food recommendations online. Apparently this Tuck Kee is one of the famous ones in town, this has been introduced by Axian too, click here to watch the YouTube.

Ipoh Tuck Kee 2

This is their menu. Sorry, it is blurry.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

According to some bloggers, they waited long for the food to be served. And, they recommended to have the “appetizers” while waiting. This is boiled Baby Octopus in Soy Sauce 八爪鱼, you can notice that almost every table will have this on their table. You should not miss it too.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Another popular side dish is their Braised Mushroom Chicken Feet 冬菇焖鸡脚. I enjoyed chewing off every gelatinous digit of the chicken feet.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Moonlight Fried Noodle aka Yu Kong Hor 月光河! It is a must-have in Ipoh! Raw egg on top of fried kueh tiaw and mix it fast while the kueh tiaw is still hot.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Lastly, Wat Tan Hor 滑蛋河. I must say this is the BEST among all. A spoon of the gravy with lard fritter, it is heavenly tasty. If I ever visit Ipoh again, I definitely will not miss this out.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Hoto Noodles from Kawaguchiko, Mount Fuji Japan

11 Jun

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is really awesome.  We spent a night at Kawaguchiko. Even though we didn’t manage to visit all the 5  lakes but we managed to try the local dish called “Hoto Noodles“. If you don’t know where to have hoto noodles, you can go to The Tourist Centre at Kawaguchiko Station and ask them for recommendation. There is one restaurant named Houtou Fudou, located just opposite Kawaguchiko Station. Their website is here: Houtou Fudou.


This is the iron plate to hold the iron pot.

Houtou Fudou

The interiors of Houtou Fudou

Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou

Hoto Noodle (1,050 yen) in large iron bowl contains pumpkin, taro, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms and flat udon noodles in miso soup. It was indeed a ‘huge’ portion for me. To my surprise, I finished the whole bowl by myself. I missed it so much.

Houtou Fudou

I don’t know what is this called. My mom wanted to have rice and we thought it is rice but it is actually not. Barley instead. My mom liked it though. Price at 1,050 yen too.

Houtou Fudou

If you are going to visit Kawaguchiko, do search for this local dish. It definitely warms up your body in cold weather.

Hui Sing Hawker Centre 辉盛小贩中心

8 Jun

Location: Hui Sing Garden, Stampin, Kuching


Penang has the famous ice kacang. Whereas Kuching here we have something different too at Hui Sing Hawker Centre. It is popular place among college students as it is located nearby INTI College. The hawker centre only operates at evening time, around 5pm until 9 or 10pm.  I am not sure when is their rest day, probably Monday.

If you visit Kuching, the place is a must-visit place. There have variety of local food you can try at one-go: Kolo Mee, Satay, Dumpling, Tomato Kueh Tiaw or Mee, Mixed Rice, Kueh Chap, Cha Kueh, Fried Noodles or Kueh Tiaw with clams and Kuih Muih.  I would recommend Kolo Mee, Satay, Tomato Kueh Tiaw, and not to forget the unique shaved ice drinks from Ah Meng Cafe (Stall No. 21): “Mattahorn” and “White Lady”.

Ah Meng Cafe has other menu too, you may ask the taukenio for recommendations. Kuching customers will  request the drinks served in steel bowl, different ‘feel’ from having it in a glass. I can’t recall the price, it is between RM1.80 – 2.50, may be? Inflation is getting worse in Malaysia these years.

Ah Meng Cafe was introduced by TheStar before. The owner is the creator of Mattahorn and White Lady. But every drinks stall here has the same menu too.

Mattahorn: A clear version (without milk) contains cendol, grass jelly, longan, pineapples and a slice of lemon.


White Lady: Milky taste version contains longan, pineapples, mango juice and evaporated milk


Onn Cake House 安饼家

7 Jun

Location: Shoplot 60 Lot 9905, Ground Floor, RH Plaza, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, Kuching (Next to 100 Yen)
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:00AM – 10:00PM (Closed on Tuesdays)



This Onn Cake House has been introduced a number of times in newspapers before. This is one of the articles I found online by See Hua: http://www.seehua.com/node/44910. The Taukenio is originally from Malacca, very friendly to every customer. Her pastries have been impeccably good taste with generous portion of ingredient and the price is reasonable too. If you want to buy “souvenir” for relatives or friends, Onn Cake House is a good choice.

You can find Lao Po Bing 老婆饼,Curry Puff 咖哩角,Pong Pia 碰饼,Feng Chui Bing 风吹饼,Dou Sha Bing 豆沙饼, etc. They cater festive orders too, cookies for Chinese New Year and Mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival.





Home-Made Specialities 我家小食

7 Jun

Location: Ang Cheng Ho



Have you ever tried Heng Hua Mee 兴化面 in Kuching? I have tried some but rarely found any better taste than this stall at Home-Made Specialities. Honestly speaking, the noodle itself is tasteless. The tastiness from the soup base and its ingredients: prawns, shredded egg, meat ball and pork meat. I have to stress that the prawns are very fresh. The soup is slightly spicy because of white pepper.

Normal size RM8.00 per bowl. If you want big prawns, it will cost almost the double: RM15.00. They also provide chili soy sauce, beware.. it is spicy because they use chili padi.


Oh yeah, if you couldn’t find any seat available at downstairs, do check out the upstairs. It’s air-conditioned!

Bintawa Kueh Chap 民達華粿什

31 May

Address: No.1310, Lot 7719, Jalan Keranji Tabuan Jaya, 93350 Kuching

Business Hour: Tues – Sun 4:30am – 10:00pm

Kueh chap is one of famous delicacies in Kuching. A bowl of kueh chap contains pork meat, pork bellies, pork skin, tofu, boiled egg and kueh tiaw in pieces. For me, the most crucial component that identified a nice kueh chap is its soup base.  The soup must be thick in flavour. Don’t mess up, the dark soup is definitely different taste from Bak Ku Teh. This shop is specialised in kueh chap. It has been existing in Kuching for many years. When I was studying in college, I got to know this place because a friend of mine lived at Bintawa Taman Riverview and it was just located in front of her house.  Whenever I craved for kueh chap, it was always my first choice. But the distance was quite far though. Alternatively I would go to Hui Sing hawker stall for my second best.

Bintawa Kueh Chap Bintawa Kueh Chap

One or two years ago, Bintawa Kueh Chap has moved to Tabuan Jaya which is more a ‘convenient’ location. If you haven’t try it, drop by when you pass by that shoplot at Jalan Keranji in Tabuan Jaya.

Small bowl costs RM4.00, Medium RM5.00 and Large RM6.00.

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Small bowl of Kueh Chap (RM4.00)

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Beside kueh tiaw, you can choose to have kolo mee (noodle) or rice too. Or those who doesn’t take Kueh Chap, can order Kolo Mee too.

* I doubt the price remained the same or increased as these photos were taken in March 2012.

Here is the map:


Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food 台北101台湾人的私房菜

27 May

Location: RH Plaza, Kuching

Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food   Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food

My friend and I patronised this cafe regularly when we ran out of idea where to have lunch or dinner. Sometimes we just prefer to have Chinese food.  Taipei 101 has been existed in Kuching for quite long time and many Kuchingnites must have heard it before. It has variety choices of drinks on the menu and better taste than those milk tea franchise chains in Kuching. Price wise, it’s not expensive for an air-conditioned cafe.

There are a few I like to order from the menu. Dumpling, Taiwanese style fried noodle, stewed Chinese mushroom and minced pork with rice and minced stewed pork vermicelli. The rest is not bad too actually. The food pictures on the menu look ‘ordinary’, but the taste is oddly good.

The Menu





We never missed to order dumplings: Chives and Cabbage with Pork


Strawberry Green Tea (RM3.50), my favourite drinks lately. Refreshing with right sweetness.


Spring Onion Pancake (RM1.50) – Not recommended as it has very little amount of spring onion inside


Authentic Taiwanese Style Pork Chop with Rice (RM7.00)


Stir Fried Marinated Pork and Leek with Rice (RM7.00)


Authentic Pork chop Noodle (RM7.00)


Minced Stewed Pork Vermicelli (RM5.00)


Taiwanese Style Fried Noodle – Pork (RM6.00)


Besides these dishes, they have lunch and dinner menu for family too. If you want to dine out with your family, keep this in your list.