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Li Yuan Cafe 莉园

24 Aug

This “little” cafe is located at Jalan Song, the single storey shoplot behind Starbucks. Friend brought me there for laksa and she said it is quite famous. Under hot sun, the ambient here will be quite hot because the roof is not covered with metal sheet but canvas.

Li Yuan

The laksa tastes quite salty though. And the prawns were not 100% fresh as it had been soaked in water for sometime. Overall it is acceptable to me but I still prefer the laksa in my hometown Bintulu. The next trip home, I will definitely introduce it in my blog.

Li Yuan Cafe


Mei Mei Food Centre 美美美食中心

2 Apr

Location: Chonglin Park Commercial Centre, Jalan Tabuan

I visited this Laksa stall quite sometime ago. Their Laksa has been highly recommended by a friend. Big shrimp and bigger portion.


The shrimps were very fresh and ‘juicy’. Not to mention, the size of the shrimps was quite big compared to the other laksa stalls in Kuching. But I believe it depends on their daily seafood supply too. Unpredictable, at times you will get fresh and fat shrimps but sometimes you may get some not-so-fresh shrimps. Overall I like the laksa here. It’s much better taste than the famous laksa in Kuching. Price at RM4 – RM6 of laksa with big prawns, very worthy!

Normal RM4.00; Special RM6.00