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Eng’s Cafe 英姐茶餐室

17 Jul

Location: Jalan Petanak, next to “Chai Ho Pin 蔡和平”

Here comes my personal favourite Kolo Mee in Kuching. This ranked no. 1 in my list for Kolo Mee! I always recalls the taste of its noodle. Others might have different rating for this one, but different people has different taste favourism. For me, this is definitely my no. 1 so far. Second in my list is Ta Wan Kung, which I have introduced before.

Eng's Cafe1

The seafood was sold out that morning, so we ordered normal version with pork intestines, meat and fish balls. Love it! Not many Kolo Mee stall will provide soup, but they do. I can’t remember the price, I think it’s between RM3.50 – RM4.00. You have to have it while it is still hot. The taste deteriorates when turns cold.

Eng's Cafe Kolo Mee

Oh yeah, if you want to visit Eng’s Cafe, do go as early as you can. They open early, around 6am and noodles will sold out around 10am normally. And they have Laksa too. Closed on Mondays.


Peter Noodle House 彼得麵店

17 Jul

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song

Peter Noodle House

“Noodle experts 麵匠” is another Kuchingites’ favourite for Kolo Mee. The main stall is located at Kenyalang’s new business block (behind Shell Station). The one I am going to introduce is the ‘branch’ located at Jalan Song.

The Kolo Mee here tastes good. A bowl of RM3.50, the portion is just right.

Noodle Experts

Wanton Kolo Mee

Noodle Experts

The coffee shop here has limited choices. Other than Kolo Mee, they sell Laksa and toasts. Not many people know this place though, as its location is not so ‘ideal’. If the noodle experts at Kenyalang is too crowded on weekends, this place is another option for you.

Hoto Noodles from Kawaguchiko, Mount Fuji Japan

11 Jun

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is really awesome.  We spent a night at Kawaguchiko. Even though we didn’t manage to visit all the 5  lakes but we managed to try the local dish called “Hoto Noodles“. If you don’t know where to have hoto noodles, you can go to The Tourist Centre at Kawaguchiko Station and ask them for recommendation. There is one restaurant named Houtou Fudou, located just opposite Kawaguchiko Station. Their website is here: Houtou Fudou.


This is the iron plate to hold the iron pot.

Houtou Fudou

The interiors of Houtou Fudou

Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou

Hoto Noodle (1,050 yen) in large iron bowl contains pumpkin, taro, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms and flat udon noodles in miso soup. It was indeed a ‘huge’ portion for me. To my surprise, I finished the whole bowl by myself. I missed it so much.

Houtou Fudou

I don’t know what is this called. My mom wanted to have rice and we thought it is rice but it is actually not. Barley instead. My mom liked it though. Price at 1,050 yen too.

Houtou Fudou

If you are going to visit Kawaguchiko, do search for this local dish. It definitely warms up your body in cold weather.