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Fish Head Noodle 鱼之香

11 Aug

Location: Jalan Stutong, Heights Drive Commercial Centre, Kuching (behind OneTJ)



This shop is another popular place for fish head noodle after Ayuke Fish Chef. What attracts me is their spicy Belacan dipping sauce. It is the best match with the fish meat. Usually I ordered mix fish noodle soup, with vermicelli. Their noodle is nice too, it serves separate from the soup.

A bowl of this, costs RM10.50. I like the milky soup, erm.. personal liking. 😀 with some bits of sour vege and tomato.



Muara Tebas Seafood 青山岩海鲜

25 Apr

Location: Kampung Muara Tebas, Sejingkat, Kuching.


This was my first time visiting this restaurant and I never heard of this place before this. Shame on me.. My friends brought me there and recommended me a good place for seafood. The distance was quite far from town actually, but Buddhists know this location well as there is where the Green Hill Temple located. As my friends commented, this restaurant served the best seafood for its freshness. I am not surprised because there is the pier next to it where the fishermen unloading their gains everyday.

20130423_144810 20130423_144836

You can see many types of grouper in the aquariums and they have lobsters too.

20130423_144402 20130423_144426 20130423_144541

My friend would normally ask the owner which is the freshest seafood of the day. And we ordered White Pomfret that day as recommended by the owner.


Vermicelli soup with bamboo clams, the taste was slightly lighter.


We also had steamed Dog Conch. But Dog Conch was air-freighted from Sabah so I would not recommend you to order as it was quite pricey.


My friend’s fried Kolo Mee. The taste wasn’t bad too.


I don’t know the exact bill amount. But these 4 dishes with two coconuts and 100 plus, costs below than RM120.  But with the same dishes, you might not able to get it any cheaper than this in town. I would definitely bring my friends there next time if they ask my recommendation for seafood.

New Happy Cafe 新快乐园茶室

2 Apr

Location: Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Lorong 1

Are you a fan of Foochow cuisine? I would recommend you this cafe as they are specialised in Foochow food. And those who like seafood will order big prawn noodles. Be careful if you ordered any dish with seafood. Ask for price first. But its freshness is guaranteed.


Red Wine Egg Soup 红酒蛋汤 (RM4.50)


Fried Thick Vermicelli 炒粉干 (RM4.50)


Pickled Vege Vermicelli Soup 糟菜米粉 (RM4.50)