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Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice in Bangkok

28 Jul

I traveled Bangkok frequent for sourcing stock. And I’m going to share with you my must-have food in Bangkok: Hainanese Chicken Rice. You may think it’s not as good as those in Singapore or Malasysia. But for me, it’s heavenly tasty good!




There’s one well-known chicken rice located at Pratunam. It becomes tourist’s must-have food list when visiting Bangkok. They name it “Pink Shirt Chicken Rice” just because the staffs are wearing striking pink shirts. I googled, the actual name is “Kaiton Khao Mun Kai”.  Khao Mun Kai is chicken rice in Thai. Usually the place is full during lunch and dinner. Therefore I swing to the “Green Shirt Chicken Rice” (Kuang Heng) which is equally good taste to me too.


Kuang Heng Chicken Rice is the “Green Shirt Chicken Rice” which located adjacent to Kaiton, on the same road but different block. The portion is pitifully ‘small’ to me, even though I ask for ‘extra’ which costs 50 Baht. But never seems enough to fill up my stomach. Usually I would order ‘Coca Cola’ in bottle, something that can fill up the gap after chicken rice.

Thailand as one of the rice production countries, the rice is fragrant and tastes good. The chicken tastes tenderly soft but the most important ingredient is the spicy sauce. Slurp!



Ipoh Tuck Kee 怡保德记

17 Jun

Location: No 61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel No : +605-253 7513
Opens from 5pm onwards until late night, closed on alternate Tuesday.

After Ipoh’s chicken rice post, I have to post my best Ipoh food experience at Tuck Kee 德记. Before visiting Ipoh, I had done some Ipoh food recommendations online. Apparently this Tuck Kee is one of the famous ones in town, this has been introduced by Axian too, click here to watch the YouTube.

Ipoh Tuck Kee 2

This is their menu. Sorry, it is blurry.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

According to some bloggers, they waited long for the food to be served. And, they recommended to have the “appetizers” while waiting. This is boiled Baby Octopus in Soy Sauce 八爪鱼, you can notice that almost every table will have this on their table. You should not miss it too.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Another popular side dish is their Braised Mushroom Chicken Feet 冬菇焖鸡脚. I enjoyed chewing off every gelatinous digit of the chicken feet.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Moonlight Fried Noodle aka Yu Kong Hor 月光河! It is a must-have in Ipoh! Raw egg on top of fried kueh tiaw and mix it fast while the kueh tiaw is still hot.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Lastly, Wat Tan Hor 滑蛋河. I must say this is the BEST among all. A spoon of the gravy with lard fritter, it is heavenly tasty. If I ever visit Ipoh again, I definitely will not miss this out.

Ipoh Tuck Kee

Hoto Noodles from Kawaguchiko, Mount Fuji Japan

11 Jun

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is really awesome.  We spent a night at Kawaguchiko. Even though we didn’t manage to visit all the 5  lakes but we managed to try the local dish called “Hoto Noodles“. If you don’t know where to have hoto noodles, you can go to The Tourist Centre at Kawaguchiko Station and ask them for recommendation. There is one restaurant named Houtou Fudou, located just opposite Kawaguchiko Station. Their website is here: Houtou Fudou.


This is the iron plate to hold the iron pot.

Houtou Fudou

The interiors of Houtou Fudou

Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou Houtou Fudou

Hoto Noodle (1,050 yen) in large iron bowl contains pumpkin, taro, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms and flat udon noodles in miso soup. It was indeed a ‘huge’ portion for me. To my surprise, I finished the whole bowl by myself. I missed it so much.

Houtou Fudou

I don’t know what is this called. My mom wanted to have rice and we thought it is rice but it is actually not. Barley instead. My mom liked it though. Price at 1,050 yen too.

Houtou Fudou

If you are going to visit Kawaguchiko, do search for this local dish. It definitely warms up your body in cold weather.